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Tatyana Flowers

Resident Body Movement and Cardio Instructor

 Tatyana's instruction levels range from beginner to advanced and she specializes in developing exhilarating cardio-centered dance fitness classes.


Camara Flowers

Junior Educator and Children's Fitness Coach

Camara is a certified teaching assistant and has gained experience as a classroom instructor as well as paraprofessional, specializing in the implementation and development of programs for children with special needs.


Carlos Flowers

Martial Arts Instructor

Carlos is a fifth degree black belt, mastering in Taekwondo and mixed martial arts.


Glenda Flowers

Education Director

Glenda’s Employment experience

includes: 4th and 5th grade Teacher

and Reading Interventionist in both

Philadelphia and Baltimore school

districts, and athletes & 5th grade

Teacher and Instruction Coach for

Christina School District.


Carlos Flowers Jr.

Children's Boxing Instructor

Carlos has won multiple titles in his division and has used his experience as the foundation for his  "Little Beginners" boxing course, designed to teach children the fundamentals of boxing.

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